More Animal Deaths Raise New Questions At Wynnewood Animal Park

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

More animal deaths prompt a call for another investigation at a Wynnewood animal park.

The park is already the subject of at least four USDA investigations. And now, PETA is asking police to investigate the mysterious deaths of two chimps and three birds.

According to PETA, Joe Schriebvogel was recently put on probation for 18 months and paid a $25,000 fine. That fine was to settle multiple charges of violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Days after filing a complaint with the USDA about two mysterious chimpanzee deaths at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park, PETA says three birds have also apparently been starved to death.

"Currently we are just asking the USDA to do its job and really asking how many animals need to die at this facility before it will do something meaningful," said PETA Spokesperson, Delcianna Winders.

Schriebvogel, the park's operator, says one of his chimps recently passed out as if he was having a heart attack.

"During lunch time I came out to work with them and shift them to clean their cage and she stood up and came walking to me and just completely fell over," said Schriebvogel.

Someone records Schriebvogel inside the cage performing CPR on the female chimp. Schriebvogel's attempts to resuscitate the animal were unsuccessful. PETA says it appears the chimpanzee didn't receive veterinary care when she was apparently ill.

"First of all, I don't like to even entertain PETA's comments or accusations," said Schriebvogel.

He says the claims of neglect and starvation are false. In fact, he believes all PETA is trying to do is make money. But, PETA officials call it an appalling history of unexplained animal deaths. That includes 23 tiger cubs over a seven month period. Those deaths are still under investigation.

"The public that comes here loves what we do and that's all we're concerned about," said Schriebvogel.

PETA says pictures posted on the facility's website show filthy cages and no food or water. PETA is waiting on a response from law enforcement.