Fake Signatures Found On Okla. Common Core Petition

Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 6:19 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

More controversy for Common Core. Common Core is a set of rigorous educational standards the Oklahoma legislature adopted in 2010 and is now considering repealing.

Now, some names on a petition, from a group hoping to keep Common Core, were faked. The group, Stand for Children Oklahoma, presented a petition to legislators in early March with 7,000 signatures, but many people whose names are on the list said they didn't sign it.

Sherri Crawford is one of those. She's adamantly against Common Core.

"My second grader comes home frustrated with math, because they want him to do five different methods and he gets it one way."

So, imagine her surprise when her name showed up on a petition supporting it.

When asked if she signed it, she responded, "No, absolutely not."

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Sherri found out her name was on the petition after a group of moms, who oppose common core, got a hold of it and started checking the names. They said they found not only several obviously fake names, like Barrack Obama, but more than a thousand they have personally verified didn't sign it.

"Several of the people I have talked to personally have said I have never seen that email, nor am I on that e-mail list, I have no idea how they got my name," said Kelli Dodd.

Stand for Children's Government Affairs Director Amber England said they stand behind all the names on the petition. They gathered the signatures through change.org, and every signature needs an e-mail verification.

She said she believes this is a deliberate attempt to discredit their efforts.

"We obviously can't control what people who don't support higher standards do," said England. "There are obviously people who try to sabotage the process."

England said since the issue of the fake names came to light, they did take a look a list to remove the names that are obviously not real.

A Senate committee yesterday unanimously passed a bill to repeal Common Core. That bill will now go to the Senate.