Tornado Policies At OKC School May Include Closets, Bathrooms

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, 6:13 pm
By: Karl Torp

The tornado season is right around the corner and OKC public schools is on a mission.

The district is checking to make sure schools are using their best places possible to shelter in the event of a tornado.

"We are looking at the structural integrity of the schools today to see what is the best area of refuge in each and every school," says Ian Wolfe, the newly hired Administrators of Safety of OKCPS.

The position was put in place after May 20. Wolfe is collecting ideas along the way hoping to create a district wide policy in the near future.

One idea may come for Arthur Elementary school in southwest OKC. Principal Rhonda Schroeder uses a color coded map in each classroom to show students and staff where they need to take refuge during a tornado.

"It's a bathroom, but it's our safest area for students," says Schroeder about where she can put 70 pre-k and kindergartners.

"It's a model I would like to see district wide," says Wolfe about Schroeder's plan that was put in place since May 20.

Wolfe says the majority of the school's he's visited have a tornado policy in place that is "workable."