My 2 Cents: Second Shooting At Fort Hood

Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 10:02 pm
By: News 9

It is simply stunning to me that after what happened four years ago at Fort Hood, when Nidal Hasan shot up 45 people, killing 13 of them, that it could happen again.

I'm not shocked that Specialist Ivan Lopez snapped. I'm angry that nobody was able to stop him, ON A HUGE MILITARY POST, until an MP confronted him maybe 15 minutes later.

He had time to shoot people in one building. Get into his car. Fire shots out the window. Then go into another building and shoot more people. All of this WHILE surrounded by thousands of highly-trained soldiers who weren't allowed to carry weapons on the post.

Well, Lopez wasn't allowed to either, but he did.

We certainly want our soldiers to be armed when they're protecting us, but they can't be trusted when it's to protect themselves? That's idiotic. This rule has to change and immediately. At the very least, high-ranking officers, or highly trained enlisted soldiers should be armed all over our military bases.

And you just have to understand there's no guarantee one of them won't go rogue, but if one does I want the others to end it quickly.

We spend tens of thousands of dollars to train each one of these people. They're skilled. They're loyal.  And I trust them. We've got to give them a chance to defend themselves.