Thunder Quotes After Snapping Spurs' Streak

Friday, April 4th 2014, 1:02 pm
By: News 9

Scott Brooks

On second half surge:

"Our defense was outstanding in that second half, I thought we started that third quarter really making it tough on them."

On Ibaka's defense:

"I thought Serge was active. Serge was really doing a good job of blocking and altering shots, protecting the paint."

More on Serge:

"They know Serge is gonna be around the basket, that's what he does. He's right there with the best defensive players of the year. He should get (the award). With the way he defends, he guards pick and rolls, he guards multiple players, we can switch him out on point guards like we did tonight, and then he blocks, alters and changes a bunch of shots."

On Perkins' return to the lineup:

"I loved the crowd's response, they appreciate what he does. We loves what he does, he impacts the game in so many ways that the stat sheet…you might as well not even look at it. He's a winner. He wins."

On Durant's streak:

"They wanted it more than anybody. That's actually great to see, that made KD smile at the free throw line. It's a great streak, we're talking about one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball."

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Russell Westbrook

On his wild reverse dunk:

"I haven't dunked for the Thunder fans in a while so I would do a little something tonight. But it was good to get loud and have some fun."

On KD's streak:

"That's a lot of games to be scoring 25 points in a row. That's an unbelievable stat. He does that in his sleep."

On sweeping Spurs:

"That's a big thing, man. When you have a team and they're the No. 1 team in the West…if we wanna be the best team we gotta beat the best."

On dominance against Spurs:

"Just focus in more. Obviously when you play San Antonio you can't be lackadaisical. We've been doing a great job in the last few years just focusing in and being real particular on what we do on different players. We've gotten older, a lot more mature."

On Ibaka's defensive impact:

"Very important. He may have had like two or three blocked shots but he probably altered like 25 shots. Just being active, he may not even jump, you come into the lane and you see Serge, you're gonna think twice."

Kendrick Perkins

On overcoming early struggles:

"They got out to a 10-point lead at the start of the game but we kept grinding it out. We wasn't making shots that we usually make but we kept pushing and just picked it up in the second half."

On getting back out there:

"Felt good. Just wanted to get my feet wet a little bit, play a little bit so just take it one game at a time."

On losing his beard:

"Yeah I can't play with that. I just had to go back to what I usually do."

Kevin Durant

On crowd cheering his streak:

"That was a cool feeling. I don't want to take those moments for granted. It is not really what I am playing the game for, but it is still cool to see that support from such great fans no matter what. I really appreciate it. As a player, as a person, for people to be behind you like that, that's definitely a surreal feeling just to hear the crowd, it's a special moment."

On Ibaka's defense:

"Serge was great. I think he had three blocks but it seemed like seven or eight just the impact he had. He made guys think twice when they came into the lane."

On Perk's return:

"Perk was great in his first game back. Just being physical, not letting ‘em get anything easy on pick and rolls, he was there, he was communicating with us."

On Russ' reverse dunk:

"That's something he hasn't done in a game in a while, I forgot he had that in his arsenal. Caught me by surprise."

Nick Collsion

On big-game atmosphere:

"It did fee like a big game, there's energy in the building, I think we were really geared up for it."

On defensive effort:

"I think we were really locked in defensively, particularly in the second half. If we did get beat, we had guys aware and ready behind."