Stillwater Apartment Tenants Given 30 Days To Vacate

Saturday, April 5th 2014, 11:02 pm
By: News 9

Evicted with a month left in school, dozens of OSU students living in a nearby apartment complex were given 30-day notices this week to vacate the recently sold property. Students are now in a panic.

Residents at Magnolia Point say they're shocked and furious that they've been told to leave so suddenly when many of them recently signed new leases and feel there's nowhere else to go in Stillwater.

"It is the worst possible time. It couldn't have come at a worse time," said student, Celena Quist.

As spring semester wraps up for OSU students, those living in Magnolia Point apartments got some extra paper work this week: an eviction notice telling them to leave in 30 days because the property had been sold.

"[It has been] sheer panic knowing that the coming weeks were my primary surgeries in vet school and all of my finals and that I now had four weeks to find a place, and Stillwater is notorious for being a college town, and nothing comes to rent until after graduation. So where am I going to go?" said Quist.

The move isn't as shocking for tenant Steve Ballard who says he heard rumors the complex would be demolished all along.

"Soon as I came into town I heard people talking about it. The place was bid on for about a year and just a week ago, they sold it," said tenant, Steven Ballard.

Other tenants with families say they're stunned.

"Everybody is like ‘Well this is Boone Pickens' town.' Well I understand that, but there are kids who live here too. And kids are more important than money right now partner. Always have been. But seems like they don't care," said tenant, Vicky Adams.

"[It has been] incredibly hard. I ended up this week having to take a lot of extra time out of school for studying for everything coming up to just do nothing but focus on finding a place. And the place that I did find is double what I'm paying here," Quist said.

News 9 tried reaching out to C Star Management about the future of the apartment complex, but were told no one could contact us until Monday morning. All the tenants were told they'd receive their deposits back. No word on if the students can stay until school ends May 2.