Jeb Bush, Fallin Visit KIPP College Prep School

Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 5:37 pm
By: News 9

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush comes to Oklahoma promoting success in education.

Bush joined Governor Mary Fallin at the KIPP school today for a roundtable discussion with teachers and students.

The Oklahoma City KIPP school is being touted as an example of a successful urban school that has overcome high rates of poverty and a number of challenges.

Tuesday, it was a showcase of success.

It's called the "Knowledge Is Power Program," known across the country as KIPP. The education model has delivered high levels of success across the country.

Inner city kids, most of whom are poor and have little to no support at home, soar academically in a KIPP classroom.

"This school is no excuses," said student, Darveon Jones. "There's no weaknesses here."

When Jones came into the KIPP academy four years ago, he was a fifth-grader reading on a third grade level.

"I want them to know that living in a place where we're at, in a place where there is poverty everywhere, that you can be the best that you can be," Jones said.

Now, he's on track to attend an Ivy league college and has plans to become a heart surgeon.

"If you start with a premise that every child can learn, it's up to us to organize ourselves around the students so that they can make that come true," former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said.

Governor Jeb Bush founded and chairs the "Foundation For Excellence in Education."

The former governor works with legislatures, departments of education, parents and advocacy groups across the county.

The goal is to implement meaningful education reforms nationwide.

"People ought to say enough of this, businesses and community leaders and moms and dads, everybody ought to say, we're going to do better," Bush said.

"You give them the right teacher, give them the right environment, set them up the right way and then hold them to high expectations," KIPP Principal Tracy McDaniel said.

"You go home, you study, you eat, you sleep, you come back and work," Jones added.

The question was brought up by two students who asked if Jeb Bush would run for president. The former Florida Governor said he's not running for anything.