Yukon Homeowners On Alert After Packages Stolen Off Porches

Thursday, April 10th 2014, 6:38 pm
By: News 9

Homeowners in a neighborhood were recently hit by a thief stealing packages off of front porches and police are putting out a warning to protect your deliveries.

"They were supposed to be here," explained Nicky Howell while she looked at her front door. "When we went out there, there was nothing."

Nicky Howell's $150 delivery from Amazon made it to her house but was stolen from right outside her front door.

"It freaked us out that someone's at your house."

Howell has not been the only victim in the area recently. After posting about the theft on Facebook, she got dozens of replies.

"I was kind of overwhelmed by how many people replied of this happening," she explained. "And it was strange because it was several different people in different parts of Yukon that it was the same day I had packages taken."

The Howells filed a report with Yukon Police but without any suspect description or evidence, detectives told News 9 there is not much to go on. They suggested homeowners keep deliveries out of plain sight or have them delivered to work. Residents can also invest in a secure lock box or have a trusted neighbor pick up an expected package.

"I was lucky because I went on there and they refunded me the money," said Howell. "If someone doesn't get their stuff reimbursed, you know it's a loss on their account if they're on a fixed income, or you know, or really needing it if it's medical supplies."

Howell and her neighbors are now on the same page hoping to prevent another one of these crimes.

"Everybody is on the lookout. We are vigilant now."

Police also said that a huge help in these crimes of opportunities are security cameras around homes. They also said that victims need to report these crimes so patrol officers can be on the lookout for anything suspicious in certain areas.