My 2 Cents: Creative Justice Handed Down For Ohio Man

Monday, April 14th 2014, 11:07 pm
By: News 9

I'm for creative justice, and the sentence handed down to a man in Euclid, Ohio is a classic.

62-year-old Edmond Aviv paid for his crime of disorderly conduct by being humiliated on a neighborhood street corner, where he was required to hold a sign that said he's a bully.

The sign goes on to say he picks on disabled children, and he's intolerant of those that are different.

Aviv says having to sit there while people honk their horns and yell at him has destroyed him, and it's not fair.

Sounds fair to me.

For 15 years he's taunted his next door neighbors, a woman with two adopted children with disabilities, her husband has dementia and her own son is paralyzed.

I'd say she's got enough on her plate without a neighbor who's a bigoted jerk.

The guy actually rigged up a contraption where he could blow kerosene fumes at her house, because he was annoyed by a smell coming from her dryer vent.

Other neighbors say he's called them racist names in the past.

I know this kind of punishment has primarily been meted out to juveniles, but I think it's even more effective with some adults who are trying to protect a reputation.