My 2 Cents: 'Error' In Palcohol Approval

Monday, April 21st 2014, 10:34 pm
By: News 9

Earlier today, people were talking about and news stations were reporting on the latest thing called palcohol.

It seems the federal government signed off on the new product, expected to hit store shelves in about six months, even though it presents all sorts of potential problems.

Palcohol is powered alcohol.

Think of a sugar packet or one of those little skinny packets like Crystal Light comes in, only you dump this into a glass of water and you have an instant cocktail.

You can even sprinkle palcohol on food after it's cooked, and your dish will have a real kick.

Consider how easy it would be to make yourself a mixed drink at an event or venue where alcohol isn't served.

You would have to be 21 of course to buy it, but minors, oh my, don't you know teenagers could find all sorts of ways to sneak in palcohol.

Apparently the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau couldn't see that, until tonight.

That's right, now suddenly they've reversed their decision saying they approved Palcohol "in error."

That's just coming out.

The makers say it's simply a misunderstanding about the amount of powdered alcohol in the packets, and they'll resubmit their application.

Ultimately, palcohol would fall under state regulation, but folks this is just starting. Get ready for it.