OKC Police Department Upgrading Criminal Database

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 6:25 pm
By: Karl Torp

When crime occurs, cops don't always talk, but their cases soon will.

"There's nothing in place that allows us to do that," OKCPD Chief Bill Citty said.

Chief Citty said in the next two months, his officers will be able to share case details on a crime database.

"It would help us if we knew our bad guy was also being a bad guy in Norman, Oklahoma," Chief Citty added.

Often times a link between crimes committed in two different municipalities, even by the same perpetrator, is never made.

Right now, if an officer wants to learn about similar crimes committed in another city, that officer has to call that department for details.

With the new database, the information automatically syncs up for officers out in the field in their patrol car.

"It's pretty instant," Chief Citty said.

This costs around $660,000 with around half being paid with a grant.

So far, six departments in the metro have signed on to become part of the new database.