Ordinance For Urban Chickens Closer To Approval

Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 6:07 pm
By: Karl Torp

Today, Oklahoma City's chicken fight reached another round.

Urban chickens has been debated for years, but now an ordinance allowing people to raise them at their homes is closer to being voted through.

On Tuesday, city council members heard from neighbors both for and against the controversial ordinance.

"They stink," Patty Koch said.

"If people do what they are supposed to do that's okay, but that's not going to happen," Koch added.

Neighbors who illegally have chickens also spoke to council members.

"It's a good happy part of our lives," Michelle Smith, who has four hens and lives in northwest Oklahoma City, said.

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Councilwoman Meg Salyer, who had been against previous urban chicken ordinance bills, authored this latest version.

It calls for a $25 registration fee, and people must also inform their neighbors if they wish to own chickens.

There would be a limit of six chickens per home, and roosters aren't allowed.

Council members will address the issue on May 13.

Property owners with at least one acre of land are the only people allowed to raise chickens in Oklahoma City right now.