Execution Debate In OK Continues As Stay Of Execution Announced

Thursday, May 8th 2014, 6:55 pm
By: News 9

Convicted murderer and rapist Charles Warner will now be executed on November 13.

This comes after the state supreme court issued a six month stay on all executions. But opinions on the death penalty continue to be heard. Including one from a former Warden.

Former State Penitentiary Warden Randall Workman oversaw 32 executions in five years. He was not present for Clayton Lockett's execution last month, but Workman still feels that lethal injection was not botched.

In a published report, former Warden Randall Workman blames the botched execution on the inmate, convicted murderer Clayton Lockett, stating, "I think just from my point of view that he was partially responsible, the inmate, and was somewhat successful in trying to circumvent the process."

And then Workman went on to state he "wouldn't change a thing." Because as Workman puts it, "It was an untimely execution. It worked. He died. The bottom line is the drugs did what they were supposed to do. They killed him."

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But democratic candidate for governor Joe Dorman isn't ready to put all the blame on Lockett.

"Who knew what, who made what decision, what action or in action led to this botched execution," said State Rep. Joe Dorman.

So Dorman is calling for what he considers a truly independent investigation, one conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. As opposed to the already ongoing investigation by the Department of Public Safety and Commissioner Michael Thompson, who Dorman feels can't be reliable because Thompson is appointed by the Governor.

"OSBI's director is hired by their board and their board has senate confirmation. At least there are some steps in between the process to ensure the legislative branch has some say into this," said Dorman.

Workman puts the blame on Lockett based on the fact that Lockett refused to eat and drink the day of the execution. And the possibility of Lockett's previous hunger strikes which a medical expert told us would collapse veins.

Governor Fallin says the Lockett's autopsy is being done in Texas, assuring it is independent. She also calls Dorman's criticism "politically motivated."