Expert Gives Tips On Financially Preparing For Oklahoma Storm Season

Monday, May 12th 2014, 8:41 am
By: News 9

We are right in the middle of storm season. Oklahomans normally prepare for it by cleaning out our storm shelters and getting food, water and a first aid kit. But, we might be overlooking one important area.

News 9 will keep you prepared for severe weather season with smart phone apps and our weather forecast, but one local financial expert is giving you advice to financially prepare for a storm.

Tracy Ann Miller of Portfolio Wealth Advisors says first, enroll in online banking and direct deposit. So in the event you're evacuated, you can have easy access to your accounts and paychecks.

Next, have three to five days' worth of emergency cash. If you're worried about carrying it with you, call friends or family out of state before a storm hits so they can prepare to help you in case of an emergency.

Stay organized. Keep important documents in a safety deposit box or make sure they're backed up on digital files. Hard copies should be kept in fire and waterproof containers. Even take pictures of things you have.

Most important, check to make sure your insurance is up to date. Consider upgrading to include replacement coverage. It often costs more than actual cash value but very important especially for high value items.

"Just know the difference. If you have replacement cost that means everything you have can be replaced. If you have actual cash value, then your fridge or refrigerator is depreciated, you'll get the value that it is worth," Miller said.

If you have a plan in advance, it takes some stress away from an already difficult time.