Sibling Thieves Face More Charges Across Metro

Monday, May 12th 2014, 10:49 pm
By: News 9

A woman and her brother, who were arrested for using hugs and church talk to con the elderly, face more charges.

We already reported on cases against them in Oklahoma City, but Edmond police said there are more victims across the metro.

Betty Dreesen was leaving the Crest store near 15th and Santa Fe when she said Johnny Watkins knocked on her window to say she had hit another car.

"Then this girl comes around to my window, and I roll it down instead of leaving two or three inches and said, ‘Oh you look like someone who comes to my church,'" Dreesen explained.

Dreesen said the woman was Sandra Keel, and she wanted a ride from Dreesen.

"She opened the door and got in and sat down, and so I lifted up my purse and put it between me and the door," Dreesen said.

That may have saved Dreesen, because police believe Keel and Watkins left since Dreesen's purse was out reach.

"As they drove out, I got their tag…because I thought, when she came to my window, I thought scam," Dreesen explained.

We first told you about Watkins and Keel when they were arrested for allegedly stealing wallets in Oklahoma City and using hugs to distract their victims.

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"These two specifically prey on the elderly," Jenny Monroe, with Edmond police, said.

Edmond police said the siblings stole two wallets at Crest and Walmart the same day as Dreesen's encounter.

One of those thefts was caught on camera involving an 82-year-old victim.

Police said Keel distracted the elderly woman by talking about church.

"It happened so fast, and these two criminals knew what they were doing and they are career criminals," Monroe said.

Edmond police said the siblings spent nearly $1,500 using stolen credit cards, and Dreesen's description of their vehicle helped detectives track down the suspects.

Keel and Watkins are currently in the Oklahoma County Jail.

In court documents, Keel told police, "It's not just the elderly we target, it's anybody. We didn't discriminate."