Joan Farr (I)

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 2:00 pm
By: News 9

Education: M.S. Degree in A.J., B.S. degree in A.J., A.A. degree in Liberal Arts

Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK

What is your reason for running? "I think we need more women, more Christians and more regular people in office. I am running as an Independent because in general, Republicans favor the 1% who are wealthy, Democrats favor the 13% who are liberal, and the 86% of us who are Christians (comprising 99%of the poor/middle class) are not truly represented in Congress. Americans are "fed up" with both parties and seeking to change the face of politics in our country away from a two-party system. My main goal is to perform "CPR" on our country: Challenge Congress to give government back to the people, Protect and maintain quality of life, and Reduce our debt."

Why should Oklahomans vote for you? "I have ideas that can help fix the problems in our country, such as revising the War Powers Act so that the President, Congress AND the people decide if we ever go to war again (by a referendum vote). As an Independent candidate, I plan to take a poll of Oklahoma voters before voting on any bill so that I can vote the way the majority wants me to, not the way a party tells me to which is giving government back to the people. To protect families and children, I want to introduce a Constitutional amendment so that there is always a man and a woman as President and Vice-President with equal say. I want to pass a "No Child Left Alone" Act that would allow working parents to adjust their work schedules so that there is always a parent at home in the morning when a child goes to school and a parent there when they come home. I want to reduce national debt by consolidating our 16 National Security agencies down to about four, eliminating the illegal surveillance of innocent people and ending the drone program. To help people with personal debt, I would like to implement a "Get Out of Debt" Plan that can help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in America."

What is your political experience?
Ran for Kansas governor as a Republican in 2010

Ran for B.O.E. in Derby, Kansas in 2005