Anna Flatt (R)

Thursday, May 15th 2014, 2:15 pm
By: News 9

Education: B.S.Business Administration, SOSU; B.S. Psychology, SOSU; MAS Business, SOSU

Hometown: Ardmore, OK

What is your reason for running? "No one else had filed as a Republican against Tom Cole. I believe the party and its members should be holding their incumbents accountable. Primaries are excellent ways to keep officials paying attention, as well as to let the Party know there are some, and maybe many, who are not satisfied with the incumbent's representation."

Why should Oklahomans vote for you? "For every bill, I will ask:

"1. Is it Constitutional? If No, vote no. If Yes, Go to #2

"2. Do we really need it? If No, vote no. If Yes, Go to #3

"3. Can we afford it? If No, vote no, If Yes, Go to #4

"4. Should the Federal government or should the state be doing it? If State, vote no. If Federal, Go to #5

"5. Does it grow government, or expand liberty? Because it can't do both. If it grows government, vote no. if it expands liberty, vote yes."

What is your political experience? Currently, Carter County Republican Party Chairman