Computer Coding Class Bonds Central And Plaza Towers Students

Monday, May 19th 2014, 6:42 pm
By: News 9

One year ago tomorrow marks the day Plaza Towers Elementary lost its facility along with seven students. The school has spent this entire school year at Central Junior High, a relationship that's gone virtual. 

In Dr. Vic's classroom at Central Jr. High, the faster the key strokes, and the more mouse clicks, the more successful the lesson plan.

"We're using their enthusiasm to increase the educational environment," said Central Jr. High teacher Dr. Victor Rook.

Video Game design and computer coding is easily a favorite for 8th graders Dylan, Billy and Kaitlyn, who might very well be the next generation of authors.

"The same things that make a great novel make a great video game," said Dr. Vic.

"You can make happen whatever you want to happen. There are no limitations, no expectations," said 8th grader Billy Wilcox.

Writers of a story who wanted to include new characters to make for an even more compelling plot.

"They let us borrow their schools and actually come over and play on their computers," said Plaza Towers 8th grader Damion Kline.

Personalized videos games for the students at Plaza Towers Elementary, included 5th grader Damion. The creators of the games Billy, Dylan, and Kaitlyn, and the rest of Dr. Vic's class.

"It was awesome, I got to get out of class, and learn how to make video games," said Damion.

"It's awesome. You bring happiness and smiles to people who were devastated a year ago after that," said 8th grader Dylan Zuza.

Dr. Vic's key to the story is creativity.

"One of the most healing things we could do was to be creative," said Dr. Vic.

"We welcome them with open arms. Making these games not just for us, but for them," said Billy.

This is the first year of video game design in the Moore district.

Moore officials do plan to have Plaza Elementary students back in their brand new school by August.