My 2 Cents: Understanding How A Tornado Changes A City

Wednesday, May 21st 2014, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

Understanding how a tornado had changed the city of Moore, News9 arranged for Amanda and I to sit down lunch with city leaders.

The Mayor was there, City manager, Moore police and fire officials, business and real estate executives... school leaders. They were aglow. It was three years ago, and the tornado the city had overcome was the May 3 1999 twister.

Moore was booming, the energy and momentum at that round table discussion were contagious, but again, it was 12 years after that first massive tornado, a lot of time to heal and recover, and rebuild.

Back then the people of Moore impressed us all with their grit, but what they've accomplished over the last 365 days, is truly astounding!

Yes, tragically they have experience at putting their city back together piece by piece -- clearing the debris within hours, within a day or two remarking streets that are no longer recognizable, and so on.

But it is the fortitude of the people of Moore, the sense of community that has been forged through hard times that has made Moore perhaps the strongest city in America.