Puppies Found Abandoned In Crate On The Side Of Clinton Road

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 7:04 pm
By: News 9

There are eight puppies in need of a home after a passerby discovered them abandoned by the road.

Wagging their tails and prancing along, these puppies are now in good shape. Much different from just a day ago, when they were found dehydrated inside a wooden crate along a road in Clinton.

"I guess the citizen saw the box on the side of the highway and probably thought they could use the storage crate to store things in and then they got a surprise when they opened it. There were puppies in it," said Amanda Morstad, board member for the Bella Foundation SPCA.

The puppies were left sweating in the closed crate.

"Probably wouldn't have taken that much longer in the heat for them to perish," Morstad said.

But thankfully, someone rescued them and took them to the Bella Foundation in Oklahoma City, where they found foster homes.

"We're always pretty quick to get someone to take in puppies this cute."

Alisha Mehrhoff wasted no time taking in five of the playful puppies, even though she already has three dogs of her own.

"In this group, there are three boys and two girls, and in the other group there's one boy and two girls, so altogether it's an even split, four boys and four girls," Merhoff said.

They nip away at your shoes, barely make a peep and love a good nap.

"We're happy to see that they came around and there doesn't seem to be any serious damage or anything from their experience yesterday," Merhoff said.

"It's a lot less work than you would think. Besides making sure they have clean puppy pads and are well fed, you get to hang out with them and pet them. It's a pretty easy deal, and who doesn't like to have puppies to play with in their house?"

The pups are about four weeks old, so it will take another month before they're vetted and ready to be adopted.

If you'd like to adopt a puppy or donate supplies to the Bella Foundation, you can fill out an application at: https://thebellafoundation.org/