Police Searches For Car Thief In NW Oklahoma City

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 7:35 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police need your help catching a thief. They say he managed to steal a man's keys and break into his car while he was at bank in Northwest Oklahoma City.

The thief then tried stealing the man's car at his house.

"I was talking to the banker and my horn went off," said Arthur Washington, the man whose keys were stolen. "I knew it was my horn, I know the sound of my horn, so I jumped up and looked outside and my car was still outside of the bank. So I said well they don't have my car. But I had no idea I left my keys on the counter."

Arthur Washington says when he finally went to his car; he discovered his car door was unlocked and his keys were gone, and so were all the papers in his glove box.

"They cleaned my glove compartment out and I had a stack of papers in my glove compartment," said Washington.

He says the thief even popped his trunk, but did not take anything inside. His fear then was that the thief would come out to his home.

"They did come at 2 o'clock in the morning," said Washington.

He says his wife was doing dishes at that time and heard the two men talking outside their garage.

"But she didn't want to wake me up because she didn't want me to go out and confront them," he said.

Turns out the men left before they could take anything else. Arthur has already changed all the locks and says he is armed should the thieves return.

Police released a photo of the person, who they believe took Arthur's keys. He was captured on the bank's surveillance camera.

Washington hopes someone recognizes him and turns him in.

If you recognize that man in the surveillance picture you are asked to call the Oklahoma City police Crime Stoppers line at 235-7300.