Edmond Police Officers Skip Lunch to Nab Burglars

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 7:43 pm
By: News 9

Early morning and late evening are the most common times for crime to occur. But as most cops know, crime doesn't stop, even for a bite to eat.

Eleven in the morning is usually the time officer Brandon Baxley takes his regular route home for his lunch break. But earlier this week Baxley and another Edmond Police Officer took a typical neighborhood watch program to a whole different level, after a hunch about a suspicious car.

"Being in your neighborhood you're used to what's normal and Officer Rice realized that wasn't normal," said Baxley.

Around 11 a.m. three individuals were burglarizing a home. Little did they know the year's number one neighbor was on his lunch break.

"The suspect was seen running along the fence line here back to the vehicle. Officer coming back down and advised he was detaining him," said Baxley.

So after that officer detained one suspect, he called for backup to Baxley, who was just getting home, six houses down.

"I'd rather have my lunch interrupted sometimes rather than work in an office," said Baxley.

Baxley then helped detain the other two suspects until Oklahoma City Police arrived, which has jurisdiction. As for the victim, she arrived home just moments later after a walk around the neighborhood.

"She was shook up, but happy that she had officers live near her," said Baxley.

And she now has evidence Baxley and his co-workers are always on patrol.

"Anytime even lunch time most definitely," said Baxley.

For anyone who doesn't have two cops for neighbors, Baxley recommends to always lock your doors, and he says an alarm never hurts either.