News9's Alex Cameron Breaks Down Third Grade Reading Test

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 8:07 pm
By: News 9

News 9's Alex Cameron looked at several sample and the now retired reading portions of prior Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test. It consists of selected readings and then multiple choice questions.

One example, a short poem reads, "My friend and I went out to play on a bright and sunny day. My friend and I went out to play. It was fun to swing swirl and sway."

A couple of the questions follows, "Lines two and three have the same sound at the end, what is this called? Rhyme, Rhythm, Tone or Beat?"

The next question in line 10, swing, swirl and sway are an example of what? Rhyme, rhythm, beat of alliteration?

If you read the actual Reading Sufficiency Act, it says the test should measure phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Experts say those skills are critical to succeeding in 4th grade.

There are four possible grades a child can get on the test: advanced, proficient, limited knowledge, or unsatisfactory.

To get the 'unsatisfactory' grade, a student has to score below fifty percent on the test.