My 2 Cents: Every Person Has Their Own Story

Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

I was reminded today of the old saying "everybody's got a story."

I've known for the last three years that one of our executive producers, Jeff, an Indiana native, has a fascination with the Indianapolis 500, and that he attends the race every year.

Kelli: "How long have y'all been sitting in those seats?" 

Jeff: "My grandpa's had those seats forever."

And that's where the story gets interesting. Sixty-seven years Jeff's grandpa, who was a jeweler, designed a ring, a ring for the winner of the Indy 500. What I never noticed until today, is that Jeff wears one every day in May leading up to the race. His family gave it to him when he turned 21. 

Jeff: "It's got five diamonds because of the 500, and the checkered flag signifies finishing the race."

In the 80's corporate sponsors insisted on designing their own ring, but Jeff's family retained the mold to the original, and Indy 500 winners still treasure it.

Jeff: "The ring is iconic enough because it had been given away for 50 or so years by then...and so do you."

Everybody's got a story. And in case you're wondering, I've ridden in a car with Jeff, and it's a good thing he was given the ring because he's never going to win one. 

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.