Three Families Reunite One Year After Moore Tornado

Sunday, May 25th 2014, 11:02 pm
By: News 9

The Moore Medical Center became a focal point of destruction from the May 20 tornado last year. It's hard to believe three babies were born there amid the chaos that day. And on Sunday, all three were reunited for the first time.

Three families say their lives will forever be knitted together after they all brought baby boys in the world, the very day a tornado tore through the hospital they were in.

It was a special birthday party for three little boys who turned one and didn't waste any time eating their cupcakes. But the celebration is more of a reunion as each boy was born on May 20, 2013 when a deadly tornado tore down the Moore Medical Center they were all born in.

Lacy Jacobs had her son Kellen at 1:34 p.m. that day. Her nurse recalls Jacobs walking out of the hospital barefoot to take shelter in the nearby Warren Theater.

"I think just the devastation that it caused, like walking outside of the hospital and seeing it looked like a bomb went off," Jacobs said.

Trakina and Aundrea Hogan had their boy Amari just hours before the twister hit the hospital.

"I was sedated a good bit, but it comes back to me like a dream, you know. I'll remember the pressure build up in my ears and I remember my nurse coming and telling me that we were under a tornado warning," said Trakina Hogan.

Those are words no parents want to hear.

"I held on to him. I made sure nothing was going to happen to him. It would have to take me first before it got to him," said Aundrea Hogan, who call his son his ‘little tornado baby.'

On the second floor of Moore Medical Center, Shayla Taylor was in labor giving birth to son Braeden, as one of the walls blew out of her room and nurses shielded her from debris. Her husband Jerome rushed to find help.

"There really weren't any scary moments because I had so much adrenaline running through me, so my main focus was to make sure she was OK, and get Shayla out of there, so our son can be delivered," said Jerome Taylor.

One year later, smiling and even walking, the three little boys show no signs of damage.

"It's a crazy day, and it's a happy day now, and we'll make it happy from here on out, hopefully, no more tornados on his birthday," Lacy Jacobs said.

All three families kept in touch and wanted to have a joint-birthday party at Goldsby Park to commemorate the precious milestone.

"We all get together, not worrying about the storm or the damage that was caused but the celebration of life," Taylor said. "To me, this was all a part of God's will it happened, and we all were safe."

The Hogan family even traveled five hours away from San Angelo, Texas, where Aundrea Hogan serves in the Air Force. All the nurses who helped the families were also present. Each family plans to stay in touch and hopes their sons will become friends and meet up again in the future.