OKC Family Remembers Loved Ones Lost In Storm On May 31, 2013

Monday, May 26th 2014, 4:43 pm
By: News 9

On this day we honor those who died serving our country, but it is also the week we remember those who died in the May 31 storm one year ago.

The Shrum family took shelter in a tunnel under S.W. 15th street near the Dell plant during the May 31 storm.

They were hiding from tornados, but little did they know fast moving flood waters would sweep them into the Oklahoma River, and claim five of their family members— four of them, children.

But two other children survived.

It's hard to believe those two are as happy and healthy as they are.Both Tara and Rose Shrum have taken great strides since the day they almost lost their lives.

"We didn't know about Rose for a little while," said Betty Yeatman, the children's grandmother. "But she is doing okay now."

Baby Rose was in intensive care a year ago. She pulled through and both Tara and Rose are doing just fine now.

The two share a very special bond and Tara just loves her little sister.

"Because she's so happy all the time," said Tara Shrum. "She barely cries!"

Betty says Tara still has nightmares about that day they lost five of their loved ones, especially when there's a storm. She really doesn't like to talk about that devastating day.

"I really don't remember anything," said Tara Shrum, who is now nine. "I climbed up all by myself, just somebody picked me up."

Tara says she still misses her sister, cousins, and her uncle, but she's focusing on the future, the summer, entering 4th grade, and of course, having her sister Rose following in her footsteps.

Their grandmother Betty just hopes the future remains bright for both of them.

"Just spend time with your kids as much as you can," said Yeatman. "Because you never know when it ends."

Yeatman says prayers are needed for everyone who lost loved ones that day.

News 9 checked and found there were a total of 23 people who died during the May 31 storm, from the tornado that hit El Reno to the flooding that hit several other parts of the metro.