Canadian County Deputies Seize 115 Pounds Of Marijuana At Truck Stop

Monday, May 26th 2014, 4:52 pm
By: Karl Torp

Deputies seized 115 pounds of marijuana from inside a car being hauled from Los Angeles to Tennessee on a car hauler.

Deputies were watching for suspicious activity at the TA truck stop at Morgan Rd. and I-40 Sunday morning when they noticed the smell of marijuana coming from one of the cars on the trailer.

"Not the dogs, but the deputies themselves could smell the strong odor or marijuana," says Canadian County Sheriff's Officer Undersheriff Chris West

Deputies got permission from the driver of the car hauler to search the 2013 Chevy impala.

According to the Sheriff's office, 115 pounds of marijuana were discovered tucked away inside the car. Deputies estimate the value of the marijuana to be around $650,000.

"They'll contract with a car hauling company just to haul to another location. these truck drivers don't even really know what they are hauling," says Undersheriff West, who says the driver was never arrested.

Instead, Canadian County deputies say they'll work with law enforcement outside the state to determine who put the drugs in the car.

"We are catching a small fraction of the loads that are coming through," says Undersheriff West.

Last October, Canadian County deputies discovered millions of dollars in meth being transported inside an SUV on the back of car hauler.