Thunder Quotes After Game 4 Win Over Spurs

Wednesday, May 28th 2014, 5:03 pm
By: News 9

Quotes from Thunder coach Scott Brooks and the Oklahoma City players following an impressive 105-92 Game 4 victory. 

Scott Brooks

"Serge is a really good basketball player," Brooks said after the game. "He's gotten better in a lot of areas. Defensively, we can change some things up, we can do what we do with Serge in the lineup that we can't do with other guys with his ability to block shots and alter shots."

"Russell has energy to play back to backs on the same night."

"I was a little worried about Reggie," Brooks admitted. "I liked Reggie coming back and trying to make an effort. It was a little too sore so we decided to rest him."

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Serge Ibaka

On his calf:

"Better. Every day I'm feeling better and thank God."

On Russ:

"Russ tonight, he was quick, energy, defense and offense. He was just playing his best basketball."

On the defensive strategy:

"Just try to make them put the ball on the floor. That's what we did tonight. Make them take some tough shots and protect the paint."

Russell Westbrook

On imposing their will on San Antonio:

"We just tried to come in and let our presence be felt. They're a great team when they move the ball around and when you let them roam freely and like I said before, once we can use our athleticism, use our size, use our strength, it's at our advantage."

On setting the tone with his energy:

"Coach told us he needed maximum effort from us tonight and it starts with me at the point guard position, and my job is to play both sides of the ball. If you wanna win a championship, those are things you have to do."

On the defense:

"I thought we did a great job of helping each other out defensively, and that led to us getting out in transition, getting open looks."

On Reggie Jackson's ankle injury:

"He's a tough guy, tough fella. I think he'll be ready to go next game."

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Kevin Durant

On Serge's impact:

"He's versatile at guarding, he can guard 1 through 5 to be honest," Durant said. "He's long and athletic. We can use a lot of different lineups with Serge out there and play in different ways."

On evening the series:

"We're just trying to move forward. We know how hard it is to go in there and get a W, but we're excited for this opportunity. Coming back home, we did what we were supposed to do. We've got to go on the road and handle our business. So of course we feel a little better, but we don't feel satisfied at all."

On Russ:

"We're the leaders, we set the tone and they follow us. Russell does a great job every game of just playing with that fire and that force and I just try to do the same."

Caron Butler

On Westbrook:

"He's nothing short of amazing.  He was unbelievable all night, the last two games, just being relentless on the defensive end as well as the offensive end. Just spectacular."

Jeremy Lamb

On Westbrook:

"He was everywhere. He was in the passing lanes and getting rebounds, he was scoring, he was just doing everything for us tonight. He was huge for us. He was attacking the rim and he was finding guys. He played a great, great game."

On Game 5:

"Game 5 is gonna be a tough one. It's going to be a grind. I don't know if it's a momentum swing, but I know it's gonna be a good game."

On Serge:

"He definitely gave us a lift. On those off days we figured out ways to get better so I think we just learned from our mistakes. Serge gave us a big lift and we made a few adjustments."

Nick Collison

"Obviously Serge back makes a huge difference. He's the best at protecting the rim and also he's good in other areas too and he can kind of get everyone back in their normal spots."

On Russ:

"He has a huge effect on the game and when he's really locked in and aggressive, that's when he's at his best and making good decisions."

On the comeback:

"Both teams are experienced enough to know that the only game that matters is the next one. So what happened two years ago doesn't come into play, it's different teams. I do think there is something to be said about going through a series like this, knowing that we've gone down in series before and come back."

Kendrick Perkins

On Russ:

"He played a heck of a game tonight. He competed on both ends and showed true leadership. He's relentless going to the rim, and did a great job with that."

On OKC's defense:

"We were challenging all their shots and keeping them out of the paint. Our shell was tight and I thought we stuck with it."