My 2 Cents: Tulsa World Reporter Slams OKC

Wednesday, June 4th 2014, 10:34 pm
By: News 9

For decades, Tulsa tried to look down its nose at a largely oblivious Oklahoma City. But in the last 20 years, Tulsa's imagined superiority has dried up like the Arkansas River in August.

And Green Country took on a whole new meaning, as our envious neighbors up the turnpike watched Oklahoma City reinvent itself, while moss gathered on the old oil capitol.

I say all this because of a recent column by a Tulsa World reporter who dogged Oklahoma City, despite the fact that he brought his family to visit our fair city for Memorial Day rather than stay in Tulsa and take a nap.

Ok, no more shots at Tulsa.

Some of the lowlights from Michael Overall's column: The Bricktown canal is a glorified ditch where boats take you for a block and a half ride. The Skydance Bridge is ridiculous, and the Devon Tower is an eyesore.

And he couches all of that with the statement Tulsa used to be a little jealous of Oklahoma City.

Used to be, clearly not anymore.

All that aside, T-Town is finally on the right track. Their downtown is coming back to life with entertainment, dining, an arena and a ballpark. They've yet to figure out what to do with their river, but there's great potential there.

Bottom line, Tulsa's grown into a nice minor league city.

Ok, one parting shot.