Measles Cases Hit Record High, Numbers Continue Growing

Thursday, June 5th 2014, 6:58 pm
By: News 9

Cases of the measles have hit a record high, and the number continues to grow.

Some medical experts blame the cause of the outbreak on anti-vaccination groups, while all-natural doctors say otherwise.

Eighteen states have reported cases of the measles. Oklahoma is not one, yet.

Doctors at OU Med fear if the current trend continues, the sooner state is likely to be next.

"That and chicken pox are two of the most infectious illnesses," said Chief of Pediatric Infections Diseases, Dr. Robert Welliver. "You sit across from someone like this for 15-20 minutes, you're probably going to get it."

Dr. Welliver points to history on the argument against vaccines.

The history is from the National Vaccine Information Center, which reports, in 1960, three years before the first measles vaccine, there were 380 recorded deaths from measles. Now it's an average of one death per year.

"It's a shame people don't learn from history, and there will be more and more outbreaks," Dr. Welliver said.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms 334 reported cases in the last five months, the most since measles was deemed eliminated in the U.S. in 2000.

"I thought it was normal to just go to the doctor, get a pill and then I got mad," Naturopathic Doctor Tracey McLaughlin said.

Dr. McLaughlin does not believe in vaccines and prescribes her patients with all natural vitamins and substances to impact what she calls the core of the issue, a depleted immune system.

"When something is wrong, your body is out of balance," Dr. McLaughlin said.

Her stance is based on the side effects of the vaccine which, according to the Vaccine Information Center, has caused about 842 injuries and 56 deaths.

Dr. Welliver trusts the benefits are greater than the risks and hopes people do get vaccinated.

Dr. McLaughlin just wants patients to give her 30 days.

"Talk to my patients...proof is in the pudding," Dr. McLaughlin said.

"To us, it's black and white," said Dr. Welliver. "You get vaccinated, and it's safer."

One of the largest measles outbreaks is in an Amish community of Ohio.

After a missions trip to the Philippines, the group brought back the disease.

Since the outbreak, reports say other Amish community members have now been vaccinated.

OU Medical Center confirms there is an abundance of the vaccine, and you want to get it twice.

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