Oklahomans Help To Change Lives In Africa One Tab At A Time

Friday, June 6th 2014, 7:59 pm
By: News 9

One of TIME Magazine's top 100 most influential people, Sister Rosemary, has changed the lives of hundreds of women and girls.

She's taken them from lives of violence, rape and sexual exploitation and given them hope, thanks in large part to Oklahomans.

"I tell everyone I am an Okie," said Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe. "The people of Oklahoma have understood what they can do to help and I'm very grateful for that."

Africa's water isn't clean enough to clean the pop tabs, so retired veteran John Newman passes his detoxed tabs to Pros for Africa and co-founder Reggie Whitten, who then takes the tabs to Uganda by suitcase.

The girls at Sister Rosemary's vocational school then take the tabs and sew them together, creating stylish and functional hand bags, wallets, and bracelets even in Thunder colors.

"It's a joint venture fueled by love and sewing hope, you can't live without hope," said co-founder of Pros for Africa, Reggie Whitten.

Newman said, as long as the girls request the pop tabs they will continue to make it. Newman currently has about 500 lbs. worth of tabs in his garage and is expecting to make about 600 lbs. more.

All sales from the proceeds will go to Sister Rosemary's school. Sister Rosemary is currently working on a book about her mission and a documentary is also in the works.

You can find more information about the purses, the book and the movie by clicking here and here