Enid Park Turned Into Life-Size Game Of Candyland

Wednesday, June 18th 2014, 8:49 pm
By: News 9

Six-months in the making, a childhood favorite comes to life at one Oklahoma park. Both young kids and kids at heart are taking their turn in the fun.

Champlin Park in Enid offers a lot of fun and games for kids. Now one group is adding a new attraction woven right into the park itself

"People have said ‘What are you doing?' And I say ‘Well I've come up with a great way to waste time and money,'" said Paula Nightengale.

There's a new hook to what Nightengale and Mickey Seward are doing here.

"Anything you can put a knot in, that's all this is, putting knots in something," said Seward.

Together, with a group known as the Prairie Yarn Stormers of Enid, they are changing the very fabric of the park.

"We wanted something with no strategy, worked fast and had a lot of color," Nightengale said.

What they came up with was a game; a favorite of sweet-toothed kids young and old.

"Yeah, I got a lord licorice fetish here," said Seward.

Learn more about Yarnover Enid.

It's a life-size version of Candyland, the board game.

"There's so much color in Candyland and we got to looking at the characters and they look fun to make," Nightengale said.

It took meeting twice a week for six months, to knit and crochet the characters and all the board pieces to go with the game.

"People have said, ‘I'll make gum drops or a candy cane poll,'" Nightengale said.

"They came out pretty good I think," Seward said.

They covered every detail including 80 trees in the park and used six gallons of paint to complete the project.

"The last two weeks it's really been the full court press trying to get this stuff done," said Nightengale.

When it's game time, there's no shortage of players. It's a sweet reward for a lot of hard work

"To have a bunch of crazy of old ladies out in Enid, Oklahoma deciding to delight people with bright colored yarn is kind of a unique thing to do," Nightengale joked.