OKC Euthanizes Stray Dogs Accused Of Attacks At State Capitol

Thursday, June 19th 2014, 6:26 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City's Animal Welfare Division announced Thursday it has euthanized two stray dogs accused of attacking people on state capitol property.

City officials are still working to catch large stray dogs spotted around the state capitol, where two women have already been bitten. Animal welfare spokesperson Trace Lyons says most of the dogs are part Pit Bull.

"If you don't know a dog, don't approach it … don't try to pet it," Lyons said.

Oklahoma City resident Robert Sherman is thankful the dogs did not catch him during a recent bike ride through State Capitol Park.

"I kicked one of the dogs," said Sherman. "I was on my bike. I looked up and they were right on me … They chased me for about 200 or 300 yards."

Lyons says five traps are currently in place around the state capitol complex. Over the past couple of months, News 9 crews have seen strays in the neighborhood. Sherman says he told state troopers at the capitol building about the problem 10 days ago. He believes nothing was done.

"They waited until somebody was attacked," said Sherman. "Two people were attacked, and it should have never come to that."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol did not return multiple phone calls requesting a response to Sherman's comments.

Dogs that are not considered dangerous are available for adoption.

Oklahoma City Animal Shelter