Teens Accused Of Vandalizing Properties In Edmond

Tuesday, June 24th 2014, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Some neighbors in Edmond are angry as two teens are accused of tagging cars, homes and personal property two nights in a row.

It happened in a neighborhood near 33rd and Boulevard. The teens told officers they were on an adventure before they were arrested.

"We tried to get it off with soap and water, so it's kind of dull, but all the paint is scratched now," said Michelle Brown.

Michelle Brown called 911 around midnight on Saturday when she says within minutes of returning home, her Cadillac was tagged.

"Well, I just got home, came inside and went outside to get something out of my car, and someone has spray painted liar all over my car," Michelle said during a 911 call.

"It was good we called right away because they didn't make it here for at least an hour because they were scouring the neighborhood, and I think that's when they caught the young men that did this," said Brown.

Police say the teens had binoculars, bandanas, a baseball bat, and at least two knifes on them. Both nights, the two hit the neighborhood north of Oklahoma Christian University in the Jim Robison-Pepperdine Avenues area, with the exact same style of graffiti.

"One boy said they had spray painted three or four cars, one boy four or five. He lost count at some point," said Edmond P.D. spokesperson, Jenny Monroe.

At least seven cars in the neighborhood were tagged with various offensive slurs.

"WSV" was also spray painted on garages, car doors, and dumpsters in the area.

"When I saw it, I didn't know if it was a tag, a gang tag, or what it meant. I had no idea," said Michelle's neighbor, Chris Roberson.

Chris Roberson had a mysterious tag spray painted on his car.

"My neighbors stopped me, and I just couldn't believe it," said Roberson. "I just couldn't believe it. My car had just gotten hit a few months ago, and I just got it fixed on the same side," said Roberson.

"Mine was one of the nicer words written," said Brown.

Police say both teens admitted to the vandalism. The 13 and 16-year-old were arrested, for curfew violation, vandalism, and carrying a harmful weapon.

The teens' parents have been issued the citations.