Residents Still Have Questions After Earthquake Town Hall Meeting

Friday, June 27th 2014, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

After Thursday night's earthquake town hall meeting in Edmond, state officials admit, they could have done better addressing concerns. Hundreds left the meeting still wondering what's going on.

Just Friday, the Oklahoma Geological Survey recorded at least eight earthquakes, the largest, a 4.1 near Medford.

The swarm of earthquakes this year alone has raised the bar and the level of concern significantly.

"We may never get a seven point, but these three and four points, are doing damage to our houses," said a Logan county resident at Thursday's town hall.

Dozens of residents lined up at Waterloo Baptist church, for a chance to voice critical concerns on what seems like an endless string of earthquakes.

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"This goes back to you wanting to study us like lab animals," said a frustrated resident.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission spokesperson, Matt Skinner says no doubt people left Thursday nights town hall frustrated and with no clear answers.

"The bottom line here is that we can't get away from the fact that we don't have definitive answers. We are not waiting for definitive answers," said Skinner.

Skinner and state seismologist Austin Holland say there are some correlations on what's happening hundreds of feet below the surface. For example, waste water injection is being closely monitored.

"We are going through everything in the existing injecting wells within the seismic swarms with a fine tooth comb," said Skinner.

The state of Oklahoma, according to OGS, is having more earthquakes than every state combined on the western side of the country.

"And that's always been considered the more seismic and active areas of the country," said Holland.

Before 2008, there was only one earthquake per year in Oklahoma.