Judge: Tucker McGee To Stand Trial For Murder Of JaRay Wilson

Monday, June 30th 2014, 7:01 pm

JaRay Wilson's parents got a few more answers Monday, in what led to their daughter's murder.

Prosecutors presented some of their evidence in the case to a judge, during the preliminary hearing for Tucker McGee. He's being charged with first degree murder in Wilson's death.

Wilson's body was discovered 14 months after she first went missing. An investigator on the case testified, saying McGee and another juvenile were the last to see Wilson alive. It was the other juvenile, who led investigators to the area where Wilson's body was found buried in a shallow grave.

Her skull was cracked, and had what appeared to be a gunshot wound. A crime scene investigator said they also found a .22 caliber shell casing near the road.

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"I'm so numb right now. I can't tell you how I feel," said JaRay's father Rodney, immediately after the hearing."There can't be any amount of anything to make you feel worse than what we do right now," said Wilson.

Those details include testimony from one of JaRay's friend, Trey John, about her behavior the night before she went missing.

"I never seen her like that," said John.

John also testified about text messages the two exchanged the next day. When he asked where she was, JaRay responded, "out in the country." He asked her, "With who?" She responded with the name of the juvenile and McGee.

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JaRay also sent a text message, saying she needed to leave because she felt sketched out or scared. She then texted, "I can't go home?"

Trey said that was the last contact he had with JaRay.

"I don't know why she said that. I can't figure out what the question mark, what she meant by that" said JaRay's mom, Jara Wilson. "It was like she was asking the question."

A judge ruled the prosecutor's case was enough to hold McGee over for trial. McGee will remain in jail without bond.