Anna's House Foundation Builds Foster Home Neighborhood

Tuesday, July 1st 2014, 8:04 pm
By: News 9

With more than 11,000 children currently in Oklahoma's foster care system, the need for foster parents is huge.

One local organization, The Anna's House Foundation is undertaking a huge project, trying to recruit families and provide a community of support.

Down a winding dirt road, sits a new home, brand new playground the frame of another house. Construction crews work to clear the overgrowth along the road and it is clear that this area is being prepared for development.

"They are looking forward to just bringing children into their home for whatever length of time that might be, while DHS is looking for kinship placement or they might stay here longer term," explained Darci Oplotnik, Executive Director of The Anna's House Foundation.

Through private donations, the organization plans to build 8 homes and a multi-purpose building on this vast plot of land that was donated by a Luther family. The homes are designed to accommodate up to 6 children total. One home already has a foster family inside, a second is framed and a foster family is already lined up.

"They are like-minded. They are doing the same things. They are each caring for kids, multiple kids in their home," said Oplotnik. "They can, they can be help to one another, whether that's just emotional support or a time of respite."

Each of the families will take in some of the youngest Foster Children in Oklahoma County, to keep them out of shelters and in stable homes. Oplotnik says that is crucial for the child's development.

"About 70% of kids in foster care have some form of reactive attachment disorder. And that can happen very quickly from a traumatic experience, even just being removed from a poor situation," she said. 

While the Anna's house foundation focuses primarily on the youngest foster children, there is a big need for foster families in Oklahoma for all children.

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