Suspect In Tulsa Serial Rape Investigation Has OKC Ties

Thursday, July 3rd 2014, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

A serial rape suspect accused of attacking seven women in 25 days is identified.

This is a case that stretches from Oklahoma City to Tulsa.

While the most recent attacks happened in Tulsa, we now know the suspect has a violent history in the metro.

Desmond Campbell, 30, was arrested and convicted of kidnapping a woman in 2006 and attempted robbery in 2002. Both crimes were committed in Oklahoma City.

Those incidents involved women who were alone and in businesses when they were attacked.

Pieces of a serial rape investigation began to come together for Tulsa investigators after Campbell got into a car accident Sunday morning.

Now, the suspected rapist is in critical condition and in a coma inside a Tulsa hospital.

"The vehicle Campbell was driving struck a light pole at a considerable speed," Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said.

Officers believe he feel asleep at the wheel. The accident happened 10 minutes after a reported sexual assault.

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"What would not surprise me is that he could have done similar offenses in Oklahoma City," Chief Jordan said.

Which is why Chief Jordan said their sex crime investigators will coordinate with Oklahoma City police. They want to know if there was a series of rapes in Oklahoma City prior to Campbell going to prison in 2007.

Records show Campbell admitted to kidnapping a woman in 2006.

He wrote in a plea, "I attempted to kidnap another person by attempting to force her into a building against her will. This happened in Oklahoma City."

Court documents reveal Campbell repeatedly harassed the woman, claimed to have a knife and threw her to the ground.

The woman told investigators Campbell would have raped her had she not fought with him and screamed until he ran off.

Campbell served only six years of a 10-year sentence. He was released in April, presumably for good behavior.

"This became a 24-hour operation very early on to identify the suspect, and they have worked tirelessly to do so," Chief Jordan said.

Most of the victims are older women who live alone.

Tulsa police said they do not expect any additional arrests, but the investigation is ongoing.