Metro Family Loses Everything In Fourth Of July House Fire

Sunday, July 6th 2014, 6:48 pm
By: News 9

A metro family is without a place to call home, after losing everything in a house fire on the Fourth of July. The family suspects it was arson.

Silvia Urchinson and her 2-year-old son had a great Fourth of July, but she didn't think calling the cops on a bunch of guys, causing trouble in her yard, would end the way it did.

"I just keep asking myself why?" said Urchinson.

It's been a tough 24-hours for Urchinson and her son, Sonny. The single mother is staying at a hotel with her little boy, with nothing, but the clothes on their backs. She believes someone intentionally set their house on fire.

"I was so scared and so afraid," said Urchinson. "I couldn't even stand up on my feet."

Urchinson said the trouble started after she got done watching fireworks with her son, outside of their duplex near Easter Ave. and NE 27th St. A group of men showed up after midnight.

"Burning the candles, shooting the fireworks to the cars, getting on top of the cars," said Urchinson. "In their mind, they probably thought they were in Iraq or Afghanistan because it seems like, they were shooting even to themselves and each other. They lost control."

Urchinson called police for help. She tells News 9 an officer did show up, more than an hour later, after the initial call, but that didn't solve the problem.

In fear for her life, she grabbed her son, got in the car and drove off; praying the group of men would go away.

"I received a phone call from my neighbor, close friend, and she says, Silvia, where are you? They are burning your house right now!" she said. "In five minutes or fifteen minutes that I left, they saw me when I was leaving. Everything was gone, when I just came back. I just looked around and I say where am I? I was in the middle of the street with my kid, without shoes with nothing."

News 9 showed up to Urchinson's duplex to take a look at the damage and was greeted by a group of men with a not so friendly message. 

"Can ya'll let the media know that's what happens when you run your mouth too much?" said an unidentified male.

"What am I supposed to do? I'm not going to let them do that and damage my car, jump on my car, and destroy my flowers. I can't. I have to protect my little boy."

Urchinson said she has already filed a police report and is waiting to hear back from a detective sometime this week. 

If you'd like to help out Urchinson, she set up an account at Tinker Federal Credit Union: 8900169.