Oklahoma City University Hosts Active Shooter Training

Tuesday, July 8th 2014, 6:10 pm
By: Karl Torp

The sound of blanks being fired echoed through the halls of the University Center on the campus of Oklahoma City University Tuesday.

It was all part of the live shooter and hostage situation drills the school is hosting this week.

“This is a reality. This is something our police officers need to prepare for,” said Maryann Grover, OCU student. “But we also need to be prepared as students.”

Grover was one of dozens of students and staff members participating or observing a drill with multiple shooters wandering around the University Center.

One person was firing blanks from a rifle as he played his role as one of the mock shooters. Designated students dropped to the ground as if they have been shot.

Oklahoma City Police Tactical Units arrived minutes later and eliminated the shooters. Afterwards, police had to go door to door throughout the University Center, to make sure people hiding were safe and that all the mock gunmen had been accounted for.

On Wednesday, Officer will simulate a hostage situation at the University Center of OCU.