80 Oklahoma National Guard Soldiers Return Home

Tuesday, July 8th 2014, 6:48 pm
By: News 9

 Eighty soldiers from the First Battalion 158th Field Artillery's A Battery returned home after nearly a year in Afghanistan.

"I never fail to get chills when I see those doors open and soldiers walk in front of me," said MG Myles L. Deering in a homecoming ceremony that was held in Mustang on Tuesday morning.

The group distinguished itself in combat as the first Oklahoma soldiers to fire rockets in combat since Desert Storm.

"To the soldiers standing in this formation congratulations on a mission well done."  

Deering pointed out all of the soldier’s accomplishments during their deployment including security and convoy escort in Afghanistan. The soldiers left Fort Sill last September and their families remember it to the day.

When SFC. Monty Johnson asked his wife how long he was away from home, she quickly replied, "330 days."

Johnson said it made the reunion with his family that much better.

"Feels great, really great," he said.

Eighty families in attendance at the welcome home ceremony were in agreement: All were happy to have their soldiers home.

While the soldiers returned home Tuesday, their sister unit, the 158th Field Artillery Battery B is now standing in their place in Afghanistan.