Only On 9: Video Evidence Led To Conviction Of Shaun Bosse

Friday, July 11th 2014, 7:16 pm
By: News 9

For the first time, the public is getting a chance to see never before seen video evidence that resulted in a death penalty conviction for an Oklahoma man, accused of murdering a mother and her two children.

The video was shown to the jury during the Sean Bosse trial back in 2012. It shows just how far law enforcement officers will go in the pursuit of justice and truth.

More than 4-hours long, the regular and infra-red video captured by the ATF Special Agents shows the recreation of the crime scene. It was all done in a lab in Maryland.

“The importance of doing the testing is really just to validate our theories based on science. It is part of the scientific methodology to test our hypothesis of what actually occurred at the scene,” said Billy Magalassi, ATF special agent. “Because the fire science is kind of a new science and it’s always better to take science into the courtroom rather than using high end math or computational fluid dynamics to try to show a jury what happened.”

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The video helped to prove that Sean Bosse killed Katrina Griffin and her two children inside her trailer in Dibble in July 2010.

“When I walked in it, it was like I was there at the scene again,” said Francia Thompson, OSBI agent on the case.

Thompson is amazed at the lengths the ATF took.

“We do genuinely care about the families and the victims, that is our job,” said Thompson. “So we will go above and beyond to try to do the best that we can to bring justice to the victims.”

The ATF even found a 1984 Belmont trailer in Missouri, and had it shipped to the lab. They set the fire five separate times to mimic what happened at the crime scene.

“And it’s a good use of money,” said Magalassi. “If this is was my family, or your family, I mean I would want everything done that could possibly be done to bring somebody to justice that did this to my family.”

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Agents said the reconstruction helped to prove three things: where the fire started, how long the fire burned for, and that Griffin’s daughter died a slow and painful death from breathing in carbon monoxide while locked in a closet.

“We were able to show through forensic testing and evidence in court that the fire did in fact burn for four hours, as we had hypothesized,” said Magalassi. “We were able to tear apart his statement that he couldn’t have been there at the time the fire was set.”

District Attorney Greg Mashburn said this video was an integral part of their case against Bosse. He said they are grateful the ATF used its time and resources to help them get a death penalty conviction against Bosse.