Facebook Page Created To Help 'Down On Their Luck' Oklahomans

Monday, July 14th 2014, 6:22 pm
By: News 9

 For Oklahomans needing help or for those simply wanting to give away things, there's a local group helping to fulfill the need. It's all done through a community Facebook page called “Down on Your Luck in Oklahoma.”

Folding and sorting old baby clothes, two grandmother's on fixed incomes know the difficulties of providing for their families.

"I was actually able to get clothing from other individual's on the site, and I thought ‘How neat is this?’" said Laura Williamson, a Midwest City resident.

Trish Ferguson of Edmond also struck gold online.

"We know what's like to be down on your luck and need help, so I joined and they helped me to meet my needs in just a couple of days, and I thought, ‘Oh gosh this is amazing. I want to do this,’" Ferguson said. “So I started going through everything my kids had outgrown and said we can donate that.”

Both women started paying it forward on the page founded by another Oklahoman named Brandon Vandagriff.

Williamson joined the group when it was just 34 people, and in 2 months, there are more than 600. Members are able to provide items from toothpaste, baby formula, a refrigerator to a wedding dress.

Jessica Schofield posted on the page. News9 reported on her last month, after she saved her fiancé's life when his heart stopped beating and he was clinically dead.

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"I was scared but I just couldn't stop,” Schofield said in June.

Schofield’s fiancé survived and the two are getting married on Aug. 16, 2014, but with mounting medical bills, they too, turned to the Facebook group for help.

"Two tuxedos or suits for her son and her 7-year-old brother, and Burlington has those and I’m going to go up and get those myself," Williamson said.

The couple has already received decorations and are in need of bridesmaids’ dresses for their potluck wedding.

"It's amazing Oklahoma helping Oklahoma,” Ferguson said. “The people on this page are awesome, they want to help other people and people who don't have the money to give are still helping because they know what it's like to struggle.

The “Down on Your Luck in Oklahoma" group is also planning a back to school giveaway next month.