Former OKC Church Plagued By Thefts, Vandalism

Wednesday, July 16th 2014, 9:35 pm
By: News 9

An old church building plagued by thefts and vandalism has once again become a target. 

Oklahoma City-based Gilded Properties owns the former church at 408 N.W. 30th Street in Oklahoma City. 

Company Spokesperson Taeha Hanshaw said the company hired Brittany Sutton and James Darrow to do a week’s worth of landscape work to replace hundreds of dollars of stolen bushes and shrubs. 

She said the pair instead bought all of the new stuff and landscape equipment—on the company’s dime—and disappeared. 

Police told me Wednesday they’re looking into it. 

“I’ll be getting in touch with them by Friday,” a disappointed Hanshaw said. 

We did a background check on both Sutton and Darrow. The 23-year-old Darrow has a criminal record that is 30-pages long. 

We went to an Oklahoma City address that’s listed on Brittany Sutton’s drivers license, but nobody answered the front door. 

Darrow’s drivers license says he lives in the state of Washington.