Victim Speaks Out After Being Shot At During Road Rage Incident

Thursday, July 17th 2014, 7:08 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City trucker is behind bars, accused of shooting a man's window out while they were driving down the road Wednesday, July 16. The man he pointed the gun at is calling this a classic case of road rage.

Gene Paris says he truly dodged a bullet. Paris is a professional driver for a trash company and is dumbfounded that this happened.

“You know I pick up trash every day,” said Paris. “And usually people don't shoot at me.”

Paris says he was driving his SOS truck along Hwy 152 when a fellow truck driver came up right behind him.

“And I mean he gets on my bumper, like 3 inches from my bumper. So you know I'm thinking ‘Whoa, he's really pissed off,’” said Paris.

He couldn't believe what the driver did next.

“I look over, and he's pointing a gun at me,” said Paris. “And about that time I step on my brakes, and about a second later my window explodes.”

Now shattered glass is all over his truck, a scary reminder of what happened.

“You know I don't really know why he's so upset,” said Paris. “If you are a professional driver you should have a little more professionalism than that.”

Police say they were able to track down 55-year-old Benny Newcomb just a few miles away sitting inside his truck, with a loaded gun and with empty chamber inside.

“He shot at me with a 9mm,” said Parish. “He only shot one round that I am aware of, but they found him with the smoking gun. Literally.”

Paris says he's a former marine and has dodged bullets before. In this case he was lucky.

“I think so too, because there's no doubt in my mind he was trying to kill me,” said Paris. “I mean, the gun was pointed at my head. If I hadn't hit the brakes at that moment, he would have shot me.”

Paris is just glad Newcomb is behind bars.

“He needs to be behind bars,” said Paris. “And he doesn't need to be behind the wheel of a truck ever.”

Newcomb is being held on a $45,000 bond and is accused of both shooting with intent to kill and discharging a firearm.