Wewoka Changes Animal Control Policy After News 9 Story

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 6:35 pm
By: Karl Torp

The City of Wewoka is changing its animal control policy after the airing of a News 9 story showing dogs infested with ticks inside its shelter.

The Wewoka Animal Shelter is usually unmanned and doesn’t have air conditioning. On Sunday, News 9 reported on a dog covered in ticks after spending two nights in their shelter.

“I’ve never seen that many ticks,” said Ruth Gordon, who says her Alaskan Husky got loose and was picked up by animal control last week.

It looked like the number of ticks were in the hundreds from pictures Gordon took.

“I was like Oh my god,” said Gordon.

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On Sunday, News 9 crews also spotted another dog in the shelter that appeared to have ticks all over its ears and face.

“I’ve been hearing from people all over the state,” said Wewoka City Manager Mark Mosley about the complaints he’s heard about the ticks

Mosley questions whether all the ticks came from the Wewoka Shelter, but does tell News 9 changes are coming.

“In the past, we haven't dipped the dogs. But as of that story, we are dipping the dogs” said Mosely.

Mosely also tells News 9 the grass has been cut around the shelter and will be treated regularly to cut down on ticks. What's not changing is Wewoka's policy to euthanize any dog picked up after holding them for three days. Due to funding concerns, there is no adoption program.

News 9 has been told an exception has been made for the dog, with ticks, at the shelter now. Mosley says someone has already called wanting to adopt the animal.

The City Manager says each week, animal control will capture around 10 stray dogs and around eight of them will have to be put down after three days.