Neighbors In Choctaw On Alert After Eerie Late Night Knocks At The Door

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014, 11:45 pm
By: News 9

Neighbors are on alert after they say a strange man has been showing up on doorsteps at night in the Choctaw area. Many people have had similar night encounters with who sounds like the same person.

Not far from a school and where children play, there's a man roaming the streets after dark.

“I looked through my window, and it was a man I’ve never seen before,” one woman said. “He asked me if the man of the house was available, and I told him, ‘How can I help you?’ and he said, “‘My son’s having an asthma attack.’”

He also said he was her neighbor, but nobody around had ever seen him before. The mother of two told the mystery man she'd call 911, and that's when he became agitated.

“He told me, ‘Don’t effing call the cops,’ hit my door and took off,” she said.

On the same night but a different front porch, Hunter Jones’s mom didn't open her door.

“She looked through the window and the guy was looking at her through there. They made eye contact, and she started freaking out,” Jones said.

This time the man said he was a neighbor and that he needed help with his vehicle.

“He said he needed jumper cables to jump his car,” Jones said.

Again, nobody recognized him as a neighbor and there was no car anywhere in sight.

“When she went to file the police report, they said it matches the profile of a known sex offender they have in their database,” Jones said.

The incident is eerily similar to others in the area, and people have taken to social media talking about their encounter with a strange man at their door. Another late night knock happened in nearby Del City, but if the man shows up at Jones’s house again, he knows exactly what will happen.

“If he came back, the police would definitely be called,” he said.

Nicoma Park police say they've had a similar call, and the city of Choctaw says they've had at least two.