Oil Company Geologist Discusses Oklahoma Earthquakes

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014, 8:07 pm
By: News 9

While earthquakes jolt Oklahoma, even this morning, one question still lingers... Why? In hopes for an answer, one Oklahoma oil company is now showcasing its findings.

Harrah may have been hit the hardest by the recent string of earthquakes. Businesses, even the police department, faced damages. 

Cracks are still visible and are being filled with frustration.

"Does everybody have this much damage here in Oklahoma," said Harrah business owner Carolyn Deal. "Who would have thought?"

Deal is still sweeping.

"It takes forever to get it all done," Deal said.

What she's sweeping is what's left of her store's old front window, which shattered from the 4.0 and 4.1 magnitude earthquakes one week ago.

Since then, Deal hasn't thought much about exactly what caused those quakes.

"I really don't know why it's happening,: said Deal. "I just wish it would quit."

More information on recent Oklahoma earthquakes from the Oklahoma Geological Survey.

At a luncheon for the Oklahoma City Geological Society, Continental Resources presented what it calls independent stats that show this sting of earthquakes is not from the oil industry.

"There's a hysteria that needs to be brought back to reality that these are light and will not cause any harm," Vice President of Geology for Continental Resources Glen Brown said.

Brown says any earthquakes below 4.0 are insignificant.

He made several points:

  • There's a remote chance fracking creates seismic activity.
  • A majority of wells are not located near recorded earthquakes.
  • There is a nearly 10,000 ft. difference between depths of earthquakes and depths of wells.
  • Seismic activity in Mexico.

Brown said in the last eight months, Mexico has seen two times the amount of 4.0 quakes than Oklahoma.

"Why don’t we hear about it? Well, there's no oil in gas in that part of Mexico? I don’t know," Brown said.

Seismologists from the Oklahoma Geological Survey were in attendance at today's luncheon, but when asked for comment they said their stance has not changed and can be found on their website