High Dollar Dives Of Oklahoma: East Metro Resort Style Backyard

Tuesday, July 29th 2014, 10:09 am
By: News 9

This was such a fun series to work on. We are tracking down some of the fanciest backyard pools in the state.

It was an immediate muscle relaxer hearing and seeing the beauty of an east metro backyard. It's a resort right in the backyard.

“We always caution the people before their first drink…don't jump off the waterfall,” Larry Smith said.

Larry Smith originally wanted to just freshen up the existing pool, but then, he began dreaming with Caviness Landscape Designs. And the master project, with his favorite part being the hot tub, ended up taking more than a year to complete.

It's a 95,000 gallon pool, 9-feet deep at its deepest spot with four waterfalls and several pumps to power them. Yes, it takes a lot of electricity to run it all, but Smith tries not to think about that.

The granddaddy feature of them all is, of course, the waterfall. It’s powered by seven pumps and all it takes to start it is a remote with a click of a button. And with a great outdoor pool, you have to have a fantastic kitchen along with it. You can cook anything out here, cool off by the fandelier and of course, watch your favorite News 9 folks on the tube.

“We had very understanding neighbors. It was a mess for a long time,” Smith said.

The construction was major with the hand-cut and hand-laid flagstone alone beat into shape on site. It's paired with patio furniture specially selected by a designer, luscious landscaping and an incredible outdoor living room.

At night, it boasts a completely different look, lit up like an Oklahoma sunset.

Tune in Wednesday morning for a look at another High-Dollar Dive in Oklahoma!