Investigators: People Pretending To Be Witnesses In Mixon Assault Investigation

Tuesday, July 29th 2014, 11:28 pm
By: News 9

The alleged victim in the assault case involving OU freshman running back Joe Mixon is recovering from surgery and now getting death threats.

By now the girl's name and face have been in the spotlight across the country. She's 20 year old Amelia Molitor.

No arrest warrant has been issued for Mixon, because investigators are still working the case, but there are a few bizarre developments they've had to deal with in such a high-profile investigation.

While detectives have been interviewing witnesses all day, they've had to weed out a few after several people came forward or contacted police claiming to be witnesses who really weren't. One woman even called the police department claiming to be Molitor's mother.

People are also flocking to the restaurant where the alleged attack happened. Managers at Pickleman's say they've seen an explosion of customers from people just coming in and wanting to know what happened. It’s gotten so busy the place has gone through 4 days’ worth of food in just 24 hours. They've even had several workers quit after the incident.

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Meanwhile, Molitor underwent surgery Monday, and sources say her injuries are more severe than initially thought. Police are moving forward with the case, and Mixon could be facing charges of aggravated assault and battery and maiming.

As for the key piece of evidence in this case, Mixon's attorney Kevin Finlay says he has watched the surveillance video from Pickleman's and Tuesday afternoon it was delivered to the Cleveland County District Attorney's Office.

Molitor has also hired an attorney, Eileen Echols, who has yet to see the video for herself. The district attorney has been briefed on the case, but doesn't have results of the investigation yet.